OldtimersLost.com is an international database with the aim to reduce thefts of oldtimers (model year 1979 and older) and exclusive cars (luxe cars from 1980). This will be done by prevention advice, registration, publication and proactive detection of stolen cars, vintage cars and exclusive.This database is linked with an alert system so (currently) over 3,000 people will immediately get a email or SMS alert after a registered vehicle is reported as stolen.

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The theft will be shown at Twitter and Facebook. For 'golden tips', rewards are offered. This database is developed by famous Dutch private detective Ben Zuidema and his team of Oldtimerslost.com.

Afraid of theft?

Get free advice for your particular vehicle theft prevention and theft detection probability increase.

Your vintage or exclusive cars in the system is offline no data. If lost or stolen we can react quickly and the car immediately put online so it is visible to everyone. After checking to be immediately (now) 3000 addresses and mobile numbers at home and abroad alerts sent. Moreover, this alert via social media like Facebook and Twitter to communicate.

You can use the public part of the database to see if an old-timer (For example, along the way you see or are offered) as stolen on the website is.

For safety reasons, no personal information stored in the database. These are lost or stolen after you requested in another server without the database link defined. Vintage Lost in the database only the data of the vintage or exclusive car plus include an email address or 06-number to receive the alerts.

Do you own a vintage or exclusive car then the cost for inclusion in the database 37.50 per YEAR. We advise you for free regarding current prevention and security. When we convert your stolen car theft quickly online and we send the alerts. Therefore, the detection probability increases. Tips to the team of Oldtimers Lost are passed.

A reward?

If you are not in possession of a vintage or exclusive car but want the Oldtimers Lost receive alerts? Then create a spotter and detective with us. Spotter If you receive a reward of oldtimerslost.com 250 euro a “gold tip”. In addition, there are often benefits from an insurer or owner awarded. Spotters are also only 06-email address or registration number. Only when they can claim a reward, we ask the personal. Membership as a spotter is 10.00 per YEAR.

Register as Spotter 2 ways:

Sign up FREE: You will receive only the alerts by email.


Membership: You will receive the alerts by SMS and email newsletters +.


Owners of classic cars or exclusive cars’s Spotters and can sign up via this site or via email info@oldtimerslost.com

For all stolen classic cars or exclusive cars’s

Is your vintage car or exclusive’s stolen and not yet included in this database? Please e-mail info@oldtimerslost.com contact us or call 0475-562700 or 0475-562622

Oldtimer Clubs and Insurers

For inclusion of larger numbers of exclusive vintage car’s Please contact us at info@oldtimerslost.com or call. 0475-562700 or 0475-562622


Tips You can always pass through info@oldtimerslost.com even when you're logged in as owner for Spotter.

Let’s find them, it’s about time!